Lowe Products Co., Inc. has a unique fundraising opportunity for organizations wanting to sell bags of mulch. Follow the steps below:

  1. Call us at 800-430-1936 for delivery prices for your location
  2. Choose a delivery date and schedule it with us
  3. Make up flyers and distribute to members of your organization so they can take presale orders
  4. Confirm the number of bags you sold with us as soon as you have the total
  5. You must have a forklift or Bobcat with forks to unload our truck when it arrives so please make the proper arrangements to borrow or rent one.
  6. We make delivery on your scheduled date and pick up a check from your organization for the total amount due.
  7. Schedule with us to have a truck come pick up the empty pallets (the forklift or Bobcat must still be there for loading). This should be worked out the day before or the day of your delivery. You can also prearrange to take the empty pallets to one of our distributors.
  8. Our dedicated staff will guide you through out the process and answer your questions.

Happy fundraising!