We are now manufacturing Pre-Filled Compost Filter Sock shrink wrapped on pallets for erosion control.

Call 1-800-430-1936 for more information, pricing, or delivery.

Pre-Filled Compost Filter Sock – Product Specifications
Diameter 8-inch 12-inch 18-inch 24-inch
Linear Feet 180-ft 180-ft 180-ft 110-ft 100-ft 55-ft 50-ft 30-ft
Configuration 1 piece 18 10-ft pieces 9 20-ft pieces 1 piece 10 10-ft pieces 1 piece 5 10-ft pieces 1 piece
Part Number DP8-180-1 DP8-18-10 DP8-9-20 DP12-110-1 DP12-10-10 DP18-55-1 DP18-5-10 DP24-30-1
Stakes (per pallet) 18 stakes none none 12 stakes none 6 stakes none 4 stakes
Hardwood Stake Size 1⅞”x1⅞”x22″ none none 1⅞”x1⅞”x22″ none 1⅞”x1⅞”x28″ none 1⅞”x1⅞”x40″
Shipping Weight (±10%)**  1600 lbs  1700 lbs  1650 lbs  1750 lbs 1650 lbs 1750 lbs
Dry weight (per foot ±10%)**  8 lbs  16 lbs  35 lbs  60 lbs
Fabric Color  Black with blue stripe
 Shipping Dimensions   40L x 48W x 66H
Fabric Material  Heavy Duty Multi-Filament Polypropylene (HDMFPP)
Fabric Name  Diamond Sock™ Pallet Netting – Meets All Federal, State, and Local Specifications for Compost Filter Sock
Degradation Type  Photodegradable – NOTE: Upon stabilization,  it is recommended to cut open CFS and removing fabric from jobsite
Tensile Strength  260 psi
Filler Material Composition  Natural blend of composted hardwood materials (shredded/chipped oak, poplar, cherry, etc.)
Filler Material Testing   Availble upon request – tested at Penn State Agronomics Lab for Organic Content, Particle Size, pH, CO2 Evolution Rate, Salt Concentration, and Moisture Content
Field Functional Longevity  2 years
Packaging   40×48 pallet with clear plastic stretch-wrapped with white top sheet -or- 40x40x82 Super Sack with Stevadore booming straps
Package Storage Life  Under roof  – 6 months    /    Outdoors – 3 months